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Nov 13, 2012

Fashion Finds: High/Low Dresses

High/Low dresses has been around for a while and still trending. Yea it's not a new look but getting popular by the minute, it has been embraced by fashion lovers all over the globe. The front is shorter, while the back of the dress is longer.

Lots of women have described it as comfortable, some say it make you feel free. It does look great when it comes in different colors, short or long it looks good either ways.

It is quite affordable in most stores, look good, get that fashion high and keep your pocket in shape. Get a high/low dress you'll really love it.

Some of my High/Low dresses picks below;

Check them out

House of Ania
Paige Clothing

House of Ania, Paige Clothing

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  1. Lovely lovely dresses i heart all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The colours are awesome together! it's great! :)


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