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Jan 24, 2013

Elsie Vintage; Stylish, Colorful, Affordable Retro Fashion

We feature a special clothing brand today,Elsie Vintage, this brand does not just throw us back, it's uniquely made, colorful and soulful. It is owned by Onyinye FaFi Obi, She told us a few things about Elsie Vintage.

What is Elsie vintage?
Elsie Vintage is a rad vintage/Retro Online shoppe based in lagos, Devoted to bringing high quality vintage pieces to our customers.

What is behind the brand (inspiration)?
The Inspiration behind Elsie Vintage is bringing amazing vintage pieces that people can look stylish in. Looking Good is expensive, But we wanted to break that norm and show people that recycled clothes ain't that bad.

Who can wear Elsie Vintage (male/female)?
For Now, we cater to females alone, although most of our pieces are Unisex and can be rocked by both gender. We are however looking to expand into Male pieces and vintage jewelry this year.

How long has Elsie Vintage been existing?
Elsie Vintage has been in existence for a year now. We clocked one in November 2012

Where/how can i buy and do you deliver outside Lagos?
We do Blog sales for now. The pieces are displayed on every last Saturday of the month. We also deliver outside Lagos.

What should I expect from Elsie Vintage?
Probably a website and tons of affordable pieces for both male and female.

Check out Happy Clients rocking their Elsie Vintage;

Click HERE and HERE to see more amazing people rocking Elsie Vintage.

I asked a few Elsie Vintage lovers about the brand, they were so happy to respond.. read below;

I like that they have pieces that aren't random and its also affordable! They deliver whenever its OK with you..Can't wait to get more!! --- The Fashion Engineer

Elise Vinatge was a dream to shop from, her collection of vintage prints, shirts and dresses are just too cool to pass over, She works hard at what she does and is doing a great job at it. I always looked forward to her blog sales as her stock is constantly changing.-- Deola Adebiyi

Well for one I love the fact that its affordable! And its fashion with can dress the pieces up or tone it down a bit. And fantastic customer care! :) --@TzarIan

Fell in love with the piece as I saw it so I got it :) --@oyeendar

Luved the pieces I bought, they were really unique and the price was very decent.--@mookie_smalls

Elsie Vintage Blog Sale is on Saturday 26th January, 2013..HERE Be there early, items are sold out quickly :)

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring us.
    we are glad.

  2. Nice stuff ur doin...kip it up

  3. Affordable and trendy vintage pieces, Hallelujah! Amazing Concept! Great job Elsie Vintage and thanks Funmi for showcasing them and creating awareness.


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