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Nov 21, 2012

Find, Compare and Shop all in One Place;

One advantage of shopping online is convenience, what's more convenient than having a platform where you can compare prices of product before you buy. is a Shopping and Price Comparison online platform. A place where you can check prices of same products from different stores.

NgPriceHunter is owned and run by Proffpoint Dot Com Nigeria in partnership with Proffpoint, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Why should you use this platform?

It helps you find product prices from many Nigerian online shops in one place

You can rate and discuss specific products.

The assurance that all shops whose products and prices are displayed on are genuine and safe

You can compare prices of the product you want to buy from different shops before you decide from which one to buy from.

This makes shopping easier right? as you don't have to search all stores for products and prices.

Why should you have your shop on

The products and prices from shops at are listed for free, do not charge shops any fee to join or list their products. 

"This way, we remain neutral and cannot be influenced by one shop or the other".

Your products are taken straight to top 5 results on Google's 1st pages within two weeks. places security above anythingelse. "This is why we vet any shop wanting to join our platform intensely. We do not easily admit shops into which is now fast becoming a mark of quality among online shops".

Your shopping just got easier!!

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  1. ok... but there are only few shops there, how to compare ??!! :s

  2. Hmm. Emps, do you mean 30 shops are a FEW? They are the largest comparisons site in Nigeria my friend.

  3. To buy any electronics product Nigeria online at very cheap price visit:


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