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Nov 6, 2012

Stunning Feet: The Shoe Store

If you don't have phobia for heights then you will love this store, don't get scared yet! the store is for all, whether you are looking for pumps, wedges, ballerina flats, sandals and so on, TSS is the place for you.

The Shoe Store(TSS) is your destination for great styles, best prices, and fast delivery. TSS is an online store operating out of Texas USA and they ship worldwide.

TSS customer is a fashion innovator, confident in her sense of style: she knows what she wants and what she likes. When she wears something – she owns it. She is funky, sophisticated and edgy, with a touch of sweet. Her goal in life is to live it to the fullest. Most importantly, TSS customer loves fun, loves fashion and loves life!

You can also BAG it up

To view more and make order visit The Shoe Store on Facebook and 
Yes you can order from Nigeria just follow the steps below;

How to order from The Shoe Store:

1. See something you like from our albums? Please send an email with the album name(s), photo number(s), the size you want & your location to, call +12148101017

2. You will receive a reply which will include the price(s), shipping & payment information.

3. Decide if you are interested in buying & make your payment.

4. Your order ships once your payment is confirmed.

Contacts: or +12148101017 or bbm 293CC7D3

Like TSS on Facebook here

Nov 6, 2012 By Olufunmi
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  1. I hope the cost is not much sha? very nice shoes

  2. don't dy have any store in 9ja?


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