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Jan 30, 2013

Buy Nigerian; African Inspired Bags

Check out what our designers are making out of Ankara, Adire etc., Ok, I know the fashion trend is no longer strange to many of us, but some designers have done great justice to it, bringing so much life, color, art and more into their designs.

Some designs I love below, no stories, let the bags do the talking;

Hesey Designs

Check out more Hesey Designs Bags 

Mak Nisy Collections

View more from Mak Nisy 

View more from AnQara

Oeclat designs

View more O'eclat Designs

Lola Buttons
View more from Lola Buttons

Hope you like them like I do :) there are more lovely and talented designers will bring you Part II soon! 

Have a suberb day! Cheers!! and #BuyNigerian 

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  1. Whoop!! love o'eclat so much :D

  2. Very beautiful bags! But d price go fit kill person.lolz.


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