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Feb 24, 2013

Sands Of Time; Lolade Wears Lookbook

For the love of intricacies - This tunic collection by emerging designer, Lolade, shows her love for all things dainty, beautiful but complicated. It features all of 5 outfits, beautifully hand embellished to create a unique individual statement for every kind of lifestyle.

Lolade, a Microbiologist, knows the essence of paying attention to detail, and what the finished product of tiny organisms (or beads, as this collection focuses on) brought together in a spot looks like, and the power it holds.

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Sands Of Time revolves around how times have changed and how we as humans have no choice but to change with it. Indeed, we are the time, we are the change, we are the movement!

A few years ago, Adire was only in its signature blue and white, but these days we see them in vibrant colours, exotic designs made into gorgeous designs. This latest work by Lolade features the Adire material in all its glory, with the hand embellished sand beads, pipes and hours of work. The fusion of which has birthed this mini collection of the most interesting tunics; each with its own identity.

Lolade Wears

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