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Apr 4, 2013

MakeUp Tips; SPICE IT UP!!

Sometimes, in makeup, we find out that we are in stuck in a rut! From the usual foundation to the normal lip gloss, makeup application gets boring, especially if you are the type to wear the same look everyday!!

Makeup doesn't have to be about just about covering up your blemishes, or preventing dry lips, it is also a way of expressing yourself and having FUN while at it!!



Colored eye pencils come in different textures, creamy, glittery, metallic and what have you!! The options are endless!!

They can be used as liner on the upper lid, lower lashine, or even on the entire eyelid.

Fab Tip:
Use a different colors on your eye! A bright color on your eyelid and another bright color on your lower lashline!
Metallic colors like Gold, Silver, Copper could be used on the inner corner of eye to instantly brighten your eye!
You don't have the extra cash or time to get the colored eye pencils, nothing spoil!! Whip out your colorful lip pencils, they'll get the job done while you wait to get other fab metallic colors!

Add warmth and sparkle to your cheeks (move over you plain and sparkle-less blushers!!) Shimmery blushes are one of the ways to quickly amp your look!! With a light hand, it is easily wearable during the day!!
Nigerian Brand, Zaron does amazing shimmer blushers! Milani, Mary Kay, Bobbi Brown Sleek (oh sleek!!) shimmer blushes are highly recommended!! Get on it!

Fab Tip:
A little shimmer on the highest point of cheekbone near eyes lends you an instant sexy look. 

Bring on the glam!! Spice your look with false eyelashes!! Transform instantly from a plain Jane to a Sexy Siren!! Falsies are either made of human hair or hair-like fiber and they come mainly in two types ( individual/cluster lashes, which is more permanent, and is done by a professional strip lashes which you can install yourself, and take it out at the end of the day!!) The styles....endless!! Ardell, Red Cherry, Creme are some of the brands that have a cult following in the makeup world!!

Fab Tip: Quality of your adhesives can either ruin or make your eyelash application!! Use good quality adhesive like DUO, ARDELL,

Oh Yes!! We darkies can also wear orange!! Orange/Coral/Peachy/Tangy colors are totally in right now!! They POP! Literally!! Add warmth to a plain, laid back or boring look but splashing on this awesome color, you only have to find your right shade so you don't look like spoilt tomatoes!!

Milani Mandarin, MAC Morange, Zaron Mystic, Jackelin Orange, MAC So Chaud are great orange shades can start from here

Fab Tip: Use a deeper colored lip liner to add depth and definition!

That's it guys!!

Put your best face forward!

NB: All images used in this post were gotten from

Guest Post by Omosalewa of TheMakeupTales Blog, She is also a Zaron Makeup distributor...

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