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Jul 18, 2013

10 Accessories Every Woman Should Own

Accessories complements a woman's outfit, add more colors, vibe and brightness. For a woman to look her best, she needs a few essential trendy and classy accessories. These accessories are timeless classics that have been in style for a while. 10 accessories you should find in a woman's closet below; 

Pearls: Either a pair of earrings or strands of necklace, pearls are always classy, in style and never out of fashion. They are perfect for any outfit.

Colored scarf: A colored scarf can give your outfit a new look, pair a plain shirt with a bright colored scarf. Colored scarf with any outfit gives you a bright look. Keep a few in your closet. 

Wrist Watch: Watches aren't just an accessory, they’re are chic, sexy, and timeless. 

Black heels: You need a classic black heel, black heel practically goes with anything. Choose which ever pointy, round, patent, open-toe, pump, but you need more than one for various occasions. 

Carry all handbag: Every woman should have a carry all bag, an everyday bag that can go anywhere. 

Sunglasses: Have your sunnies for sunny days, in short have one permanently in your car or bag.

Belts: Have a couple of them in different colors, thin or broad, they are sexy, stylish and accentuate the waist.

Statement necklace: Choose statement necklaces that is versatile and will fit  your personality. Statement necklaces are a great way to complete any outfit, either casual or formal.

Sparkling studs: A pair of studs is a forever classy item for women, no matter what you wear your sparkly studs will shine. If you can't afford diamonds go for crystals.

Cocktail ring: Glam up your evening with a lovely ring. Go for bold and colorful stones. 

Stay stylish and fab! 

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