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Aug 19, 2013

10 Things You Should Find In A woman's Purse

1. Mirror: Yes, yes! every woman should have one in her 

2. Mints/Chocolate/gum: Sometimes you need to keep your mouth busy ;) plus mint helps your breath too.

3. Cash: A woman always keeps cash for random purchases, who knows you might see that shoe for 80% off.. lol!

4. Make up kit: Maybe not every one carries this, but you need you lip gloss, and powder tho to freshen up ;)

5.Id Card: Yeah, ID, you need it too!

6. Wipes/pocket tissues: Can have both or either, you won't find tissue in all rest rooms :)

7. Perfume: We all love to smell nice and fresh.

8. Creams/Moisturizers/Lotions: A hand cream maybe, something to keep your  hand and skin soft.

9. Absorbents/Panty liner: No jokes, you need extras in your purse, just in case you get stained, you never know when the emergency light will be turned on.

10. Hairbrush/Comb: This should be your companion, no need to say more.

And one Cell Phone- No woman can do without one. It’s her friend for life. Every woman loves it when it rings.

Stay fab & have a lovely week ahead!

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