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May 27, 2013

How To Choose The Right Blazer

The blazer is a must have for every woman's wardrobe, you create varieties of looks with a blazer, chic, professional or casual looks. 
When you know the right cut for your figure, you can dress up perfectly for any occasion.

Athletic build women: Women with athletic build should go for a cropped blazer. Women with an athletic build tend to have sturdy, broad shoulders and slim hips. A cropped blazer is a little lower in the front and higher in the back, causing the bottom to be cut diagonally downward toward the front. This cut creates the illusion of larger hips and a curvier waist, de-emphasizing the shoulders as a result.

Larger hips: If you have larger hips you should go for a short blazer. Women with larger hips, such as pear-shaped women, should choose a blazer that stops just short of the hips or just below. Anything longer will draw unwanted attention to your hips. If you are pear-shaped and have a smaller bust to match your fuller hips, you could also wear light shoulder pads to draw the eye upward and make your bust more noticeable. Lots of details or decoration on the top will also help balance your proportions out.

Full bust: Women with full bust should stick with simpler blazers. Decorations and structure on the upper part of the blazer can highlight the bust, making you look top-heavy as a result. Choose a simpler style that nips in at the waist to highlight your curves rather than your chest.

Plus sizes: Choose a fitted blazer if you tend to run in the plus sizes. A blazer can look very flattering on a plus size woman, especially if it nips in slightly at the waist. The blazer should fit without being stretched or stressed, but it should not be too loose, either, since the excess bulk will not do anything to flatter your figure.

Petite buildChoose a very fitted blazer if you have a petite build. Blazers are very professional and chic, and as a result, they can make the petite woman look very mature in a way that few other clothing items do. Make sure that the blazer hugs and accents your curves very well. 

Check out some online stores where you can get affordable blazers! Don't miss the next post on how to glam up and accessories your blazer! 

Stay fab! Cheers!  

Sources: wiki-how & Google images

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