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May 13, 2013

10 Essentials For Every Female Wardrobe

Tees: T- shirt is a must have in every wardrobe whether it's plain white, black or printed, It goes with almost everything. You can wear under a blazer, tucked into a high-waist skirt, with cutoffs or shorts.

Left, Rihanna rocking her tees with camo pants and a pair Timberland boots. Right, Adaku Ufure wore her tees under a blazer.

Black Leggings: Another must have is black leggings, whether you wear them as pants with an oversize tops, dresses for extra coverage, or kicking around running errands.
Kim was spotted wearing her leggings with a tank top, jacket and a pair of bootie, and Foluke of Style pantry right

Ballet Flats: Very comfy to walk in, more comfortable than heels, you can wear with almost everything, pair of pants, shorts, flared skirts and dresses and more

Classic Pumps: A must "must" have is a pair(s) pumps, ensure to stock your wardrobe with a great basic "goes-with-everything" pair of heels and you'll never go wrong.

Denim: Every woman needs one or more denim in her closet, dark, light and whatever colored. 

Little Black Dress: Hey you need more than just one and when you find the perfect LBD make sure you buy two! 

Classic Black Pants: No need to say, you know you need a black pant(s), whether as office wear, outing or even indoor. 

Black blazer: perfect to go with almost all, jeans with tees, LBD, maxi dresses... which ever way you want to wear it..

Classic carry all Bag: you can call it every day bag, it's ready to go anywhere at anytime, can carry a little of your items too. Most important everyday bag color is black or sometimes brown.

A White Blouse: Just like black pants you need your white blouse, It's up to you where you want to wear it to office, pool, taking a walk.. you def need more than one white blouse..

There you have it.. 10 wardrobe essentials.. what are your thoughts on this? If you are not sure where to get any of these items, check some online stores compare different designs and prices

Stay stylish and fab! Cheers!

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  1. Lovely Post Olufunmi.
    These are classics and will never be out of season. Owning them is a true mark of a stylish woman.


  2. Great post!
    Check on all the items! :D


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