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Jan 16, 2014

Introducing; Belle Kay Personal Shopper

I love shopping online like so much, but it's so sad sometimes when I'm interested in a site and they don't ship worldwide. Are you in any way like me? Here is a solution Belle Kay Personal Shopper, now you don't need to bother, just give them your order, they bring it right to your door step!

Belle kay personal shopper…….shopping made easy

Belle Kay personal shopper is created to make shopping easy for individuals who are unable to access the items as quickly and easy as they would due to location or time. It caters to needs of customers in Nigeria who require items from the U.K/U.S or Europe.

Individuals place their orders for specific items and these are bought at no extra cost and shipped to the main delivery point in Lagos, Nigeria. Shipments to other states in Nigeria and home delivery can be arranged at an extra cost to the customer.

All delivery, shipping and clearing costs are handled by the customers and B.K. personal shoppers gets 10% of the total cost of purchased goods (les shipping and clearing costs).

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  1. This is the backless dress I had in mind for an upcoming event. Will surely get it and to shape the breasts nothing works better than breast stickers. No one looks that without such a dress. I think she is wearing Bye Bra breast stickers under that backless dress.

  2. Getin a website might b so expensive, but with you will get it at an unbelievable price of N1,000($6.25)/year


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